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Reducing Costs, Increasing Automation,
and Improving Visibility for Self-Service
Reporting at Lockheed Martin



Aerospace & Defense

Products Used:

360Bind 360Cast

360View 360Eyes

Lockheed Martin Corporation is an American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company headquartered in Dallas, TX. Its business infrastructure is divided into Aeronautics, Rotary and Mission Systems, Space, and Missiles and Fire Control.

The Missiles and Fire Control business, headquartered in Dallas, TX, employs 17,750 people at 18 major locations worldwide, and had sales of $8.5B in 2018. Products and services include integrated air and missile defense systems, tactical and strike missiles, sensors and global sustainment, energy, LMUK-Ampthill, and advanced / special programs.

Recently, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control reduced the cost of managing SAP BusinessObjects, boosted automation by 80%, and improved visibility for better self-service reporting.

Reducing Costs

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control reduced the cost of managing SAP BusinessObjects by automating a formerly manual task. Specifically, the organization used 360Bind to perform impact analysis and track data lineage, including changes to SQL variables and functions. By using 360Bind, Lockheed Martin was able to reduce the time required to perform this task from days to seconds.

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Increasing Automation

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control automated complex scheduling and bursting of SAP BusinessObjects reports. Specifically, the organization used 360Cast to create destination lists and burst reports in bulk. What once took 25 hours (manually scheduling 1,000 reports @ ~1.5 minutes/report) now takes 38 minutes (manually creating 1 destination list @ 15 minutes and using it to automate the process of bursting 1,000 reports @ 1.385 seconds/report). Automating the process also reduced the likelihood of human error.

By using 360View, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire was also able to follow a similar process to bulk-update Universe connections. Overall, automation significantly reduced the cost of managing SAP BusinessObjects.

Improving Visibility for Self-Service Reporting

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control provided SAP BusinessObjects users with additional insight to allow for better self-service reporting. Specifically, the organization used 360Eyes to generate canned reports related to:

  • User/group status (active, inactive), type (self-service user, report consumer), and authorization level (administrator, authorized for certain reports)
  • Report activity (e.g., inactive, frequently used, failed scheduled, number of saves to “favorites,” changes over time)
  • Password status (i.e., set to expire)
  • Job status (failed, long running, scheduled)

In addition to providing the basis for better self-service business intelligence, these insights powered faster executive reporting and project completion.
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What’s Next

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control plans to upgrade to HANA 2.0 and upgrade SAP BusinessObjects from 4.2 SP2 to SP7. 360Suite, which proved so useful for reducing costs, increasing automation, and increasing visibility, will also allow Lockheed Martin to automate regression testing, perform impact analysis on reports, and analyze security. The possibilities are endless.

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