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360View – SAP BusinessObjects
Administration and Maintenance

Do More With Less


Bulk update and automate your daily tasks

  • Bulk repoint Webi (UNV to UNX, update BEx/BICS queries).
  • Bulk update Crystal report connections.
  • Bulk update your user accesses.
  • Bulk repoint Webi Connections to Universes.

Automate your SAP BusinessObjects

  • Automate any administrative tasks (update owners, clean inboxes, purge reports, update recurring instances, etc.).
  • Auto archive unused content.
  • Auto-clean your environment and save hosting costs.

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Meet GRC requirements

  • Identify who has access to what, from explicit to inherited rights, including granular rights, and document it (XLS, CSV, PDF).
  • Get a user-centric and object-centric view of the security.
  • Bulk update security.
  • Perform your user & account recertification.

“360View is the BOBJ administrator’s best friend – much more sophisticated and intuitive.”

Dariusz Zyskowski, Business Intelligence and Analytics Lead/Admin


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