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BI Decommissioning

Move your BI assets to another BI platform with confidence

Mergers, innovations, market consolidations, executive changes are some of the many reasons why organizations change BI platforms. Migrating to another BI platform such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI or SAP Analytics Cloud is a risky challenge that requires best of breed solutions.


Assess your source environment

  • Backup the source environment
  • Audit your content and determine what’s need to be migrated
  • Audit user activity and identify business power users

Document and archive your current assets

  • Map out the security for historical information and in order to replicate in the new environment
  • Map data connectivity
  • Document critical content to be properly reproduced and tested

Get ready for the final destination

  • Identify unused content
  • Identify inactive users
  • Understand Licensing requirements

Planning on sunsetting SAP BusinessObjects?
360Suite has got you covered.


  • Analyze and Assess Your Environment
  • Analyze Session Peaks and The Licensing Pool
  • Analyze Your Schedulings
  • Catalog Sensitive Data
  • Map Connections
  • Map Security
  • Find Critical Users and Content
  • Find Inactive Users and Unused Content



  • Backup Your SAP BusinessObjects Environment
  • Archive Sensitive Instances, Audit Information,
    Connections, Scheduling and Security

1000’s of migration done with 360Suite

Decommission with us