Making Trusted Decisions, Together

Bring your Data and Analytics teams together and enable your users to make better, brighter, and trusted decisions.


Why invest in AnalyticsOps?

Now more than ever, using Data Analytics is business-critical. However, two challenges still remain: trust in Analytics and low adoption rates. AnalyticsOps is becoming increasingly popular to ensure this trust so that BI professionals can make better-informed decisions. Investment in AnalyticsOps has no endpoint but a framework that should be an integral part of your business.

Ensure your people trust the decisions they make and actions they take

Reduce your costs related to analytics operations

Embrace your multi-BI landscape and maximize the value of Analytics

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break,
and forever to repair”
A wise person

The best companies in the world run Wiiisdom to ensure trusted data analytics


How we can help


Automate Analytics operations and reduce TCO

Agile methodologies are essential to the success of Analytics. Integrate your analytics assets into a continuous process of integration and deployment (CI/CD).

Analytics Catalog

Map your Data Analytics landscape

Analytics Platforms are complex libraries of assets connected together. Get a comprehensive view of them, anticipate the impact of changes to avoid any unwanted mistakes.

Analytics Cockpit

Get a unified view of your Analytics landscape

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Analytics leaders know that very well. Measure the success of your Analytics landscape and continually improve the performance of it.

Analytics Administration

Manage your Analytics platforms efficiently

IT teams are pressured to do more with less. Analytics administration is time-consuming, error-prone, and expensive. Provide admins with a top-notch admin panel so they can focus on more value-added projects.

The Pearls of Wiiisdom

360Suite is a set of agile governance solutions to ensure the quality, reliability, performance, and efficiency of SAP BusinessObjects environments and SAP Data Services.

Wiiisdom Ops is an agile analytics governance solution that allows our Tableau – and soon Power BI – customers to streamline quality operations with automated testing.


  • Comply With Regulatory Requirements
  • Meet SLA Constraints
  • Monitor Performances
  • Assert Data Quality
  • Successfully Complete Your Upgrades


  • Monitor Usage and Adoption
  • Fasten Time To Value
  • Implement Agile / Modern Analytics Methodologies
  • Ensure Data Availability and User Satisfaction
  • Understand User Behavior


  • Mitigate the risk of taking bad decisions
  • Exclude the possibility of publicly sharing bad data
  • Support the development of a data-driven culture
  • Enable a governed, self-service culture of Analytics
  • Increase the overall value of Analytics

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