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Ensuring Consistent Quality Data And Dashboards In Tableau At Oregon State Treasury

Happy Customers = Happy Wiiisdomers!

During Tableau Conference 2024, we had the pleasure of talking to one of our customers, Oregon State Treasury, about their experience using Wiiisdom solutions for their Tableau dashboard testing. Byron Williams, Chief Administrative Officer at Oregon State Treasury, accepted to share with us some of the company’s successes leveraging our Analytics Governance solutions for Tableau, and his vision and strategy for the agency’s Analytics platform.


Leveraging Wiiisdom for Tableau at Oregon State Treasury

“The primary use case for Wiiisdom for Tableau really is that day-to-day governance of the data and making sure that the dashboards that are so hard to develop are accurate and up-to-date.”


Having the most up-to-date data

As there was a broader and broader adoption of Tableau across the organization, Byron and his team had concerns over the accuracy and reliability of their dashboards. For example, what if an extract failed to update? A user, unaware of this lapse, could potentially make misguided decisions. This concern was particularly acute given that some groups they worked with relied on dashboard data for court filings, where accuracy is paramount to avoid erroneous submissions.

Wiiisdom for Tableau allowed them to check that the dashboards displayed the most up-to-date refreshed data providing Byron and his team reassurance that the data was solid. Additionally, they were able to easily see if there were any issues and be proactive in resolving them.

Increasing efficiency and transparency

Wiiisdom for Tableau allowed our customer to streamline their testing processes by automating test cadences, allowing for daily checks without the hassle of manual intervention. With the notification feature (via email, Slack, Google Meet, etc), this eliminates the need for constant back-and-forth communication with colleagues, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Ensuring trust with certified analytics products

For those that create the dashboards and run the tests, it can seem quite simple to understand if everything is working properly, but for the end users, it wasn’t always very intuitive and so this is where dashboard certification became a real game-changer for the company.

“The dashboard certification, that visual reminder we can put on there now just makes it crystal clear, and easy to understand to the end user.”

This feature provides their end users a clearer understanding of the current state of their dashboards. This is paramount in building trust and increasing data consumption in the decision-making process.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about delivering consistent quality data and consistent quality dashboards to our customers.”


Trusted Dashboards Every Time

Wiiisdom for Tableau has allowed our customer to deliver consistent quality data and dashboards to their customers thanks to the different capabilities we offer. Bringing in automation has provided more flexibility to the team allowing them to be more proactive rather than reactive.

“Working with Wiiisdom really has been a collaborative experience and getting things resolved, not just a ‘here’s your license’.”

If you want to discover about how we can help you implement automated testing for your Tableau content, please reach out to us!

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