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Build Trust in Analytics with New
Tableau Dashboard Extension & Certification


Deliver trusted insights at scale with our new Tableau dashboard extension

Today, we bid farewell to conventional, time-consuming methods of building trust in analytics! With our new Tableau dashboard extension and certification capabilities, you can prove to your users that the content in front of them is accurate, recent, and reliable for decision-making. Automatically, on every dashboard, around the clock, without the need for added discussion or debate.

Your users will have a visual confirmation that what they’re viewing has been tested and certified for accuracy. All you need to do to get started with this capability is:

  • Set up a test in Wiiisdom,
  • Enable the dashboard certification post-process action and,
  • Add/configure our extension as an object on your dashboard.  

If the test passes, the extension will display a confirmation to users that the dashboard they’re viewing is certified. It’s yet another powerful tool to add to your analytics governance framework, to enable the delivery of trusted content at scale.  

And you don’t have to take our word for it! Plenty of Tableau users have been asking for a similar capability, that gives viewers an indication of whether a view is in production or not:

dashboard-watermark-draft image

Build Trust At Scale

Imagine moving away from the current world of continual one-off conversations to verbally persuade users that dashboards are accurate – to an ecosystem where users know that dashboards marked as “certified” have passed rigorous tests built by subject matter experts and executed on a selected cadence. No more phone calls or hallway discussions explaining why you believe the data is accurate, or when it was last validated. It’ll be right there, for everyone to see, looking just like this:


Or, if you’d prefer to display only the certification message, you can simply resize the extension object and place it wherever you’d like in your dashboard. In the example below, we’ve placed it in the upper right corner. The additional details will always be accessible using the scroll bar, or by resizing the extension.


While knowing that content has passed testing is important in establishing user trust, it’s just as critical to know if the opposite is true! If tests that have our dashboard certification capability enabled fail, a decertification message will also be displayed in our dashboard extension. This provides a powerful safeguard to your users against making important decisions when errors are present, reducing the risk of costly mistakes and significant losses in trust in analytics.

Always remember that with scheduled tests and automated alerts from Wiiisdom Ops, you’ll also know immediately if the tests driving dashboard certification pass or fail, so you can address issues proactively as they arise. No more surprise calls from users spotting dashboard issues before you see them!

And this doesn’t just build trust for dashboard viewers. When augmented with our existing functionality for data source certification, your Tableau developers will feel more empowered than ever to deploy trusted content at scale.

Accelerate Digital Transformation & Data Analytics Initiatives

It’s no secret that digital transformation and modern data analytics initiatives require the right talent, technology, and transformational leadership to succeed. But even the most successful transformations don’t happen overnight. Maintaining trust at all levels throughout the organization is critical to keeping large-scale initiatives on schedule and on budget. This can be hard and costly work, but it doesn’t have to be the case – especially for data analytics initiatives!

With the time you’re about to get back from building trust in your dashboards one by one, day by day, you and those throughout your organization will be able to focus on what you do best. This means data analytics and data science teams can focus on delivering innovative projects that add greater value to the organization at a faster pace than ever before. And business teams that rely on dashboard insights can move straight to decision-making. 

The benefits don’t end there. The reduced organizational strain from debates over data accuracy as well as the time spent resolving these disputes will have a marked impact on your ability to retain (and attract) top data analytics talent. Together, these efficiencies unlock the opportunity for your organization to build a unique competitive advantage, by fully leveraging the power of modern analytics. 

Let us be the first to welcome you to a new era of trusted insights at scale! 🙂


Ready to automate your Tableau testing and dashboard certification?

While none of us can recover lost time spent manually testing our dashboards, there is a better way we can approach this problem. Let’s talk about how you can certify your Tableau dashboards with our new dashboard extension and discover Wiiisdom at the same time! 

Don’t have Wiiisdom Ops for Tableau, but want to test out the new Tableau dashboard extension?

No problem! It’s available to non-Wiiisdom users for FREE on Tableau Exchange!

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