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Build Trust in Analytics
with New Tableau Automated Testing
& Governance Capabilities


Introducing new automated testing capabilities in Wiiisdom Ops for Tableau

Data professionals work on all kinds of initiatives, and there’s one consistent piece of feedback that I hear every day. It goes something like this: 

“I’ve got tons of dashboards that update every day, and I want to know about any errors in them before my stakeholders find them!”

I’ll admit, I’ve said the same thing. Before my days at Wiiisdom, I led analytics initiatives that leveraged Tableau dashboards at several organizations. And, while it was always rewarding to see the demand for my Tableau content and insights increase – I found myself lying awake at night wondering things like:

  • Did that changeover from last month to this month impact a critical dashboard that someone is depending on?
  • Was that last update to our sales territories appropriately reflected in our row-level security?
  • Are there any updates to our product taxonomy causing havoc in a chart our CEO looks at?

As a Product Manager at Wiiisdom, I constantly think about how to solve this problem at scale and build trust in analytics through testing, deploying, and certifying content.

This is why I’m so excited to share this update on Wiiisdom Ops for Tableau (2023.4). Our latest release provides new capabilities never before available in the analytics governance market, that augment our powerful base of existing features. These include:


Tableau Extract Testing

Tableau dashboards rely on fresh data (often coming from a Tableau extract) to serve accurate insights. It’s no secret that these extracts don’t always get refreshed when they’re expected to.  Unfortunately, this can result in a multitude of critical issues, including dashboard errors and stakeholders taking action on old data.

Fortunately, we’ve just released a new capability to eliminate these surprises. Our brand new “Tableau Extract Testing” feature in Wiiisdom Ops for Tableau will allow you to quickly set up a test to confirm that your Tableau extracts have been refreshed within an expected time period.  As always, you can use our integrations to be notified if these tests fail – so you can address issues with unrefreshed Tableau extracts before they create problems for your stakeholders.


Tableau Dashboard Certification

With our new Tableau extension for dashboard certification, your users can now see a visual confirmation that the content they are viewing has been tested and certified for accuracy. All you need to do to get started with this capability is:

  • Set up a test in Wiiisdom
  • Enable the dashboard certification post-process action and
  • Add/configure our extension as an object on your dashboard.  

If the test passes, the extension will display a confirmation to users (like the one below) that the dashboard they’re viewing is certified. It’s yet another powerful tool to add to your analytic governance framework, to enable the delivery of trusted content at scale.


In-App Links to Testing Resources

With every release, we continue to add in-app links to product tutorial videos on new and core functionality. Why? Because of our commitment to customer success! We know, that even with the simplest of technologies, it takes time to learn something new. We want to lower the barrier to entry and help you accelerate time to value by giving you help links where you need them most: in the app itself! We’ve also included an in-app link to a Tableau workbook we’ve made available to help you quickly get started analyzing your testing data using our PostgreSQL integration.


Ready to automate your Tableau testing?

While none of us can recover lost time spent manually testing our dashboards, things can be different in 2024! With the holidays and the new year around the corner,  there’s never been a better time to make sure your dashboards work as expected on January 1st. 

Do you have parameters, filters, or actions that use dates? They’ll have been tested!  

And those dashboards showing year-to-date data summaries?  You’ll know if there are issues moving from 2023 to 2024 before your users do! 

 Let’s keep you out of the office this Holiday Season and ahead of these dashboard issues (and more!) with automated BI testing!    

Get started with your free demo, which includes all the new features mentioned in this post!

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