Business Objects

Automation unlocks the full potential of existing assets, making it possible for IT departments to cut costs and boost efficiency. Automation also minimizes the burden of time-intensive routine tasks, freeing up BI professionals to focus on higher value-added activities.

Automate Maintenance

Find, flag and archive
or delete obsolete Universes, documents, and instances

Delete excessive content from user inboxes and personal folders

Monitor run times
and identify long-running documents

Bulk updates passwords, report fields, and database connections

Perform nightly incremental backups for easy rollbacks to any version of any object at any time

Automate Scheduling & Distribution

Trigger scheduled reports with enterprise job schedulers (e.g., Control-M, UC4, $U, TWS)

Create dynamic prompts and filters using Excel or database SQL functions

Update scheduling passwords in a single step

Dynamically rename burst reports

Automate GRC Initiatives

Monitor suspicious activity and set up automatic alerts

Find, flag, and disable or delete inactive user accounts

Purge WebI documents containing sensitive data

Bulk update permissions

Automate Object Lifecycle

Promote documents and Universes in bulk based on flags

Empower users to promote content without relying on the CMC Promotion Management Tool

Compare report results over time and across environments and versions, highlighting differences in data, execution times, structure, style, and images down to the pixel level

Reduce the likelihood of human error, improve accuracy, and increase trust


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