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Customer Survey Proves
the Value of 360Bind
Automated Regression Testing

360Bind is the 360Suite solution that automates regression testing and eliminates the need for time-consuming, costly, and error-prone manual testing. By comparing data, images, structure, style, and execution times between development and production, and across versions, 360Bind detects 100% of regressions in all SAP BusinessObjects reports. This makes it possible for developers and BI administrators to get to the heart of the matter; only by isolating regressions can they understand and resolve the issues.

Data quality is always a worry for BI teams, as shown in our study on the BI trends of 2020, so why overlook a regression testing solution?

Why Buy?

Recently, we surveyed our customers to better understand what prompted them their purchasing decision. Nearly all of them purchased 360Bind in preparation for an upgrade project.  More than a quarter were also motivated by the need for continuous regression testing to comply with quality assurance standards. Finally, about one in ten planned to use 360Bind for ongoing regression testing.

Then, Not Now

We wondered how these customers conducted regression testing before using 360Bind. More than 70% did manual testing, either with printed reports or two screens, or relied on end users to find regressions themselves. A fifth of our customers didn’t do any regression testing at all!

Before and After

The before and after statistics were startling. Before 360Bind, only about 13% of our customers tested at least 1,000 reports. After 360Bind, the number of customers testing 1,000 or more reports nearly tripled. Before 360Bind, a third of our customers required 10-20 people to perform testing. After 360Bind, the vast majority of our customers needed only 1-3 people to do the same amount of work. Finally, before 360Bind, 65% of our customers’ regression testing projects took at least a few weeks to complete. After 360Bind, almost half of all regression testing projects took only a few hours.

The Bottom Line

The results of the survey proved without a doubt that 360Bind reduced costs and boosted productivity for our customers. By automating regression testing, 360Bind made it possible for them to test more reports with fewer people in less time. 360Bind is just one of many 360Suite solutions that align the goals of IT and Business, making it possible for organizations around the world to maximize the value of their Business Objects investments.


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