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Database Migration

Database migration can be very complex. Whether you are migrating your database to the Cloud, a new platform or technology, you will need to anticipate side effects, ensure customer satisfaction, and mitigate the risk of delays.

360Suite is an all-in-one platform that gathers all you need to make any database migration a breeze.

Update your running database

Move your database to the Cloud

Upgrade to another database on-premise

Upgrade to another Cloud database

Prepare and execute a successful
database migration with 360Suite

Pre-Migration Assessment

Get complete visibility of your environment with a data inventory, impact analysis and usage analysis. Get to know which fields or columns from which tables are used or not.
There is no need to migrate what’s not used.

pre-migration assessment

“There are probably hundreds of thousands of dollars that we are saving in licensing cost and impact storage by reducing the footprint of all these legacy Oracle data warehouse tables that we don’t have to move into SAP HANA.”

Jay R., EIM Solution Architect


Full coverage

Make sure you properly backup your environment before making any changes. 360Suite makes it possible to recover deleted objects in minutes and restore entire platforms in hours.


The power of bulk. Universe and document update

If you are migrating to a database that only supports UNX for example, we have the solution to bulk update your Universes (owner, tables, columns, measures, SELECT, etc.) and bulk repoint WebI’s and Crystal Reports from the old UNV to the new UNX.

Validate your reports

Make sure your reports are generating the same results in the new environment by automatically comparing them. 360Suite makes it possible to compare the data as well as the performance and document it.


Maintain a healthy environment

We are here to help you run your day-to-day maintenance, with continued assessment and testing, to better control and monitor your cost.


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Your database migration begins with a plan.

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