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SAP BusinessObjects Report Bursting


Managing Business Objects shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming, but it often is. 360suite is a set of solutions that saves time, improves efficiency, and mitigates risk. Our customers tell us they wouldn’t want to manage Business Objects without it.

Customer Success Story

360Cast is the 360Suite solution that simplifies report bursting in Business Objects. One of our customers recently told us how they used 360Cast to save time and money.

This customer needed to create thousands of individual PDFs from a single Crystal report. They planned to do this manually by running the report, specifying a single part number in the prompt, generating a PDF, and saving it to a file location. The process had to be repeated for each part number, making it both time consuming (1 or 2 minutes per part) and prone to human error (e.g., typos when naming PDF files).


Fortunately, the customer realized they could automate the process with 360Cast. To test the theory, they created a destination list by running a HANA query and populating a spreadsheet with prompt values for 374 sample reports. 360Cast used the destination list to run the Crystal report for each of the prompt values, generate PDF files, and save them to the specified file destination using a dynamic naming convention. (Note: 360Cast destination lists can be created with Excel files, SQL, Webi or Crystal reports, etc.)


Time is Money

Estimated time to create sample reports without 360Cast:

  • 374 reports x 1.5 minutes per report = 561 minutes (9.35 hours)

Actual time to create sample reports with 360Cast:

  • 15 minutes to create destination list + (374 reports x 1.385 seconds per report) = 24 minutes


From Projected Savings to Money in the Bank

The trial run was so successful that the customer replicated the process to create thousands of actual reports, proving that 360Cast saves time and money.

Let us help you manage your Business Objects environment cheaper, faster, safer, and better.

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