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Quicker and Safer Access
to Cloud Analytics

Do we need to start with the benefits of the Cloud vs. On-premise? With more and more data and a need for speed and agility always growing, 94%1 of all enterprises now use Cloud services. It’s everywhere.

Analytics and BI teams are, of course, not left behind. Whether it’s about putting a legacy BI solution into the Cloud, moving the data used by BI systems to the Cloud, or simply deploying a Cloud Analytics solution, possibilities are endless, and so are the challenges.

Migrating your data warehouse to Snowflake, Google BigQuery, or Amazon Redshift?
This will impact your BI & Analytics systems.

Your BI Legacy is a pebble in your shoe? You’re a Cloud-first company and you don’t want to decommission your good-old BI system? Move it to GCP or Azure, we’ve got you covered.

Do you want to fully or partly migrate from a BI Legacy system to a modern Analytics solution? Or simply from the on-premise version to the managed one? We’re here to help.



The Cloud offers unmatched scalability. Evaluate the performance of your systems and anticipate your future needs.

Quickly identify issues

Test your reports at the speed of the Cloud. Quickly identify the bottlenecks and proactively fix them.

Prove the quality of your migration

Every test case, pass or fail can be documented and written in the database. Report it to your customers or regulators.

Secure your deliveries

Migrate > Test > Deliver in Prod > Test > Schedule.
Make sure what you deliver has been thoroughly tested. Adopt Agile methodologies to meet customer expectations.

Migrate data without risk

Update data providers with ease and regression-test your reports and dashboards. Any unwanted change would alert you.

Reduce your costs and keep
your employees and consultants happy.

Nobody likes testing. It’s never done right, or completely. Automate your tests, reduce your costs, test everything and not just samples, and create business value by ensuring trust and contributing to the Cloud transformation of your organization.