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Enable RPA Programs
With Reliable Data

Analytics Testing Automation To The Rescue

RPA is becoming increasingly important in modern organizations. The recent Deloitte RPA survey states that by 2024, 72% of respondents will have implemented RPA Programs.

The limitation of RPA technologies is that they don’t have the business knowledge that your collaborators have. Therefore, you can not rely on them to be alerted when there is possibly an issue or if something seems to be inconsistent.

Enable your RPA programs by securing the data within your BI and Analytics systems.


Avoid an automated catastrophe

Imagine it like this – a retail industry customer has low stock levels. By launching the RPA, the robot reads the inventory dashboard, logs the information into the ERP, and submits the purchase request. The robot then updates the dashboard’s data source with the order information. Order completed, job done. But…can you trust the automated actions carried out by the robot? What if this data one day is wrong or incomplete?

Quickly identify issues and fix

Validate every single line of your report, every single KPI that is being used by an RPA program. Do not rely on manual testing. Set your notifications and define your remediation actions.

Infuse business rules in your automation strategy

When testing your reports, define your business rules to make those testing smarter. For instance, define a maximal response time to open/refresh a dashboard, or click on a filter. Set tolerable brackets of data that would make sense from a business perspective (above 0, never null, between this value and that value).

Continuously Monitor Your Analytics Systems

BI and Analytics systems are complex from an architectural standpoint. They are contingent on many other factors and technologies: ETLs, Data warehouse, Browser, System upgrades, etc. Automate your testing as often as you want to minimize the risk of failure.

Leverage Turnkey Solutions

Don’t fall into the trap of “building” it yourself. BI vendors are consistently evolving and what is good today could be wrong tomorrow. Not forgetting the skilled debt that you are creating with this initiative. Instead, rely on certified partners like Wiiisdom that leverage official APIs from the BI vendors.