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Uncover Your Data Journey

Provide Healthy Data To Your Favorite Analytics Platform.


Vasu, Senior BI Analyst and Developer at SAP Ariba

“It’s a very handy solution to automate so many of the repetitive tasks which makes my life easier.
It has allowed us to focus on more valuable tasks and save a lot of time.”


Anticipate Any Issues

ETLs like SAP Data Services are complex data integration processes that require great attention. Avoid providing wrong, incomplete, or missing data to your favorite analytics platforms.


Comply With Regulatory Requirements

SAP Data Services manipulates and transports sensitive and business data. Document all your data flows and transformations to instantly answer any questions.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

It’s very difficult to properly maintain and update ETLs flows in SAP Data Services. Research any ETL object and get a clear understanding of where to intervene.


From black box to clear insight: document jobs, workflows, datastore, projects, etc.

Avoid side effects by clearly identifying impacted objects from a change.

Understand your data journey, from ETL to your most critical BI reports.

Healthy Data Matters To Everyone

ETL Developer

  • Easier maintenance over time
  • Develop with confidence
  • Improved discoverability of objects and properties
  • Increased collaboration with aligned standards

BI Manager

  • Make sure to provide healthy data to your BI Platform
  • Increase user adoption and user satisfaction
  • Be alerted in case of undesired / desired change

Compliance Teams

  • Get an in-depth picture of data flows
  • Understand how the data is transformed and by whom it is being consumed
  • Flag sensitive data and reports using it

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