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#Data24 in the box: Our Key Takeaways from Tableau Conference 2024

tableau conference 2024 takeaways

A fantastic time was had at Tableau Conference 2024!

Tableau Conference exceeded our expectations again with 3 amazing days filled with insights on new product features, customer use cases, and networking with the DataFam! Many sessions took place over the course of the conference with the Data Village being the centre of the event for everyone attending.

The Data Village was the perfect opportunity to take photos, grab swags, see live demos, and network with data experts. Here’s a photo of the Wiiisdom team at our stand at #Data24:


You can now access recorded sessions on Salesforce+. Unfortunately, not all sessions were recorded, and that’s one of the big reasons why we’re hosting an encore presentation of our breakout session “Empowering Governance: Your Ultimate BI Testing Checklist” on June 6 at 11 am ET.

If you couldn’t make it to the conference or we didn’t get the chance to meet each other this year, here are our Tableau Conference 2024 key takeaways:

“Start with Data. Move Forward with Tableau”

This year, the conference kicked off with a day full of sessions and presentations, with the main keynote taking place on day 2 of the conference. Ryan Aytay, President & CEO of Tableau, took to the stage focusing on the success of Tableau Public, the importance of their values and how they’re shaping the future of Tableau, finishing with Devs on Stage to announce the upcoming new features and announcements.

Lots of announcements were made over the the 3 days of #Data24 so let’s take a look at what was shared!


An AI Revolution

As we all saw and heard, Tableau Conference 2024 was not only the data event of the year but also the AI event of the year. Over the recent years, we’ve all been part of this AI revolution in data and analytics. From the days when generating insights required coding, through our growing desire to independently generate insights, and into the current era of personalization powered by AI. Tableau AI was a hot topic this year with many sessions dedicated to Einstein Copilot and Tableau Pulse.

We’re excited about this new AI wave because it opens an ocean of new possibilities, but also challenges. In an era of data-driven decision-making, would you trust data generated by AI? Governing this new type of reporting is critical and we talk more about it in this blog.

Tableau Public

A game-changing new feature was announced for Tableau Public; local file saving on Tableau Desktop Public Edition. This significant enhancement will eliminate a major obstacle for individuals eager to explore Tableau and experiment with their visualizations. With a 32% growth in Tableau Public profiles and a 30% growth in Tableau Public dashboards, this update represents Tableau’s commitment to nurturing and giving back to its community.

Three other important features were announced for Tableau Public during Devs on Stage including:

  • Viz Extensions

There will be even more Tableau-native and community-built extensions to build custom visualization types directly from the Marks card.

  • Spatial Parameters

These Parameters will offer geocoding at the address level and distance or buffer analysis enabling you to fine-tune the proximity between locations.

  • Keyboard Viz Navigation

You will be able to navigate marks, headers and axes using your arrow keys on your keyboard allowing you to delve into specific areas of a dashboard.

Tableau Prep

The following features were announced for Tableau Prep:

  • Data Cockpit

Data Cockpit is a centralized view of all admin insights such as who’s contributed to the site, what data is being used, is the data certified, and much more.

  • Einstein Co-Pilot in Tableau Prep and Tableau Catalog

With Einstein Co-Pilot in Tableau Prep, you will be able to calculate sentiment of raw text data and blend it together.

For Tableau Catalog, Eintsein for Catalog generates a detailed summary using metadata and field names, generating descriptions of the data sources so that anyone can understand the data.

  • New Sentiment Analysis

It will summarize the underlying emotion behind your data with a numeric score and label.

  • Composable Data Sources

You can now join published data sources to help create a single source of truth. You can enrich certified, centralized data with extra context by creating a derived, dependent data source, all without jeopardizing the integrity of the certified data.

Tableau Cloud

Tableau Cloud will see the following exciting additions this year:

  • Attribute Based Membership (ABAC)

ABAC dynamically manages authorization using group metadata to ensure your Tableau Platform is always secure, saving admins a huge amount of time.

  • Localizations via User Attribute Functions

You will be able to translate your dashboards into the language of your choice to allow you to understand the data in your preferred language.

  • Tableau Pulse Metrics in Dashboards

You will be able to add Tableau Pulse to your dashboards to get personalized metrics and insights embedded onto your site to better understand your data.

You will be able to send your Tableau Pulse insights in Microsoft Teams wherever and whenever you work.

  • New VizQL Data Services: Jupyter & Apple Watch App

There will be 2 new VizQL Data Services available in Tableau Cloud later this year for Jupyter and Apple Watch App.

Tableau Community-Built Solutions

This was a first for the Devs on Stage with the Product Manager, Tony Kao, presenting some of the new solutions built by members of the DataFam:

  • New curator AI search from Interworks

Search for information, membership metrics, data, and dashboards of all Tableau User Groups (TUGs).

  • Figma to Tableau plugin

Export your Figma templates directly to Tableau allowing you to build dashboards in just a few minutes.

More details of these product innovations can be found here.

You can watch the full Tableau Conference 2024 keynote with all the main announcements here:

Version Control for Tableau coming soon!

During the conference, one of our special highlights was our official announcement of being selected as a preferred partner to co-innovate on new version management capabilities with Tableau! These are popular requests from the Tableau community and we’re very excited to release these capabilities later this year. You can read all about this in our recent announcement blog.


Breakout Sessions

There were over 180 breakout sessions this year covering a wide range of topics including use cases, tips & tricks, and partner/tool capabilities. Here’s a snapshot of Wiiisdom’s breakout session held by our VP of Products, Patrick Perrier, titled “Empowering Governance: Your Ultimate BI Testing Checklist”.


Closing Remarks

Another Tableau Conference has come and gone but it was another exciting and insightful event! The upcoming features revealed by Tableau were well received by the DataFam and the excitment for the next wave of analytics is certainly here! The DataFam will be eagerly waiting Dreamforce in September for the release of the new functionalties. In the meantime, we’ll see you back in San Diego next year for #Data25!

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