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Announcing Our Co-Innovation with Tableau
to Transform Version Control in Tableau


Version Control for Tableau Content Coming Soon!

The news is finally out—following our announcement at Tableau Conference 2024, we are thrilled to tell you that Tableau has selected Wiiisdom as a preferred partner to co-innovate on new version management capabilities! This collaboration aims to address and alleviate compliance-related challenges faced by Tableau customers today. Over the next few months, our focus will be on building these capabilities, but in the meantime, let me share with you a sneak peek of what you can expect from this exciting release.


Use Cases for Tableau Users

For Tableau customers to be compliant with industry regulations, one of the methods to achieve this is version control and we want to create a no-code solution with an end-user interface designed for business users. This initiative will encompass 4 pillars to help organizations with concerns over compliance:

1. Collaborate With Others

In a collaborative environment, it’s common for several individuals to work on the same workbook simultaneously. We will allow you to see who worked on a workbook and at what time, display changes made, and this will all be documented. You will also have the ability to add comments to different versions to enhance collaboration.

2. Quickly Undo Mistakes

Users will be able to rollback to previous versions to quickly undo mistakes or unwanted changes in the live version. It will get business users back on track while issues are being resolved.

3. Recover Lost Content

Tableau doesn’t have a recycle bin so if content is deleted, it’s gone forever. Our solution will allow you to retrieve and restore deleted content, and provide a trail of actions carried out. Having a recycle bin is already a popular request on Tableau Ideas by the community—this will soon become a reality with Wiiisdom!

4. Maintain Compliance

Tableau customers need to ensure their content meets regulatory requirements (e.g., SOX, HIPAA, GxP) with versioning and audit-ready change reports. With Wiiisdom, we’ll allow you to display the differences between different versions. This capability is not just a feature; it’s a compliance requirement. Auditors may require visibility into the changes across different versions, and our solution will ensure you’re always prepared to meet these requirements.

At the same time, Tableau customers shouldn’t be deleting older versions of content in Production because auditors may ask to look at the history and retrieve documents from X number of years ago. With Wiiisdom, you will be able lock the storage to make it impossible to delete or change any of the history data for compliance requirements. Of course, with the capability, we will also provide unlimited version history of every document that exists (workbooks, data sources, Tableau Pulse, Prep Flows, etc) in Tableau.


Co-Innovation At Its Best

We are very excited about this incredible opportunity to collaborate with Tableau. The anticipation is building as we prepare to unveil these advanced version control capabilities later this year. If you’re a Tableau customer facing challenges around version control, traceability, regulatory compliance, and recovery of lost content, now’s the perfect time to co-innovate with us. You’ll have the opportunity to influence the product roadmap and learn more about this future product release.

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