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Roll Back Security in
SAP BusinessObjects


A 360Suite customer recently contacted me because they were struggling to roll back security on their SAP BusinessObjects folders. The customer had created a new folder at the root level, which modified the security of all the other public folders. The new security settings were causing problems for users trying to run reports. BI managers needed to figure out a way to undo the damage by rolling back security on the public folders to the prior settings. And they needed to do it quickly, before frustrated users revolted!

360Plus is Valuable

This customer already relied on 360Plus for full backups of their environments. They recognized that 360Plus would allow them to:

  1. Roll back content from a previous backup when an object is corrupted or the wrong version was promoted
  2. Restore content to a previous backup when an object was accidentally deleted
  3. Restore an entire environment in a Disaster Recovery situation

Basically, 360Plus backups make it possible to roll back or restore any version of any object in any folder at any time.

360Plus is Flexible

I often hear from customers who need assistance restoring deleted users or report instances, but this was the first time I had ever been asked to roll back security only. Fortunately, 360Plus backups include security for all objects, so it was easy to satisfy the customer’s request.

The image below shows the options available when restoring a public folder from a 360Plus backup. Think of containers as providing structure. Opting to “Include Sub Containers” restores the structure of an environment to the level of any sub-folders, user groups, etc., including associated security settings. Think of documents as the content within the structure. Therefore, opting to “Restore Public Documents” restores the content stored within the containers.

In this case, the customer was able to roll back the security settings of all public folders without impacting the content of those folders by including sub containers and excluding public documents.


360Plus backups run nightly, so a simple rollback restores public folders to the prior day versions. Since the customer’s problem was only a day old, a simple rollback did the trick. Had the situation been more complicated, the customer could have take advantage of bulk rollback options available in 360Plus to select rollback categories (e.g, access levels, Universe folders, user groups, etc.) and roll back to the most recent backup in a specified time frame.


Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Because this customer already used 360Plus, we were able to help them roll back security in SAP BusinessObjects quickly and easily. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Request a demo of 360Suite today and see for yourself how 360Suite solutions make it easier, faster, safer, and cheaper to maximize the value of Business Objects.

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