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Moving Business Objects
to the Cloud

Business Objects Cloud Migration

More and more of our customers are considering moving Business Objects to the cloud. The trend in the market is hybrid BI, for example, moving Business Objects from on-premise to AWS or another cloud service provider (e.g., Azure, Google, or SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud). If the move is well executed, it can yield all the benefits of the cloud (greater flexibility, lower costs, enhanced security, etc.) without creating a disruption. If the move is poorly executed, it can exacerbate the tension between IT and business that exists in many organizations.

IT is often perceived as a cost center, necessary to support the business functions of an organization. Although business units rely on IT,  they don’t want to be inconvenienced by it. Because the IT department normally initiates a move to the cloud, BOBJ IT teams are under pressure to ensure the move won’t create performance issues. Without such a guarantee, business units may reject an IT proposal to move to the cloud. Even with this guarantee, business units are quick to complain about any perceived changes to performance. Once a proposal is approved, BOBJ administrators must complete the migration process seamlessly, without negatively impacting business units in ways that go beyond performance. This means no requests for additional funding and no expectation that business units will participate in the process (e.g., regression testing).

For the past several years, 360Suite has helped hundreds of organizations ease the upgrade to Business Objects BI4.2. The process of upgrading Business Objects has a lot in common with moving to the cloud. At 360Suite, we applied our expertise and adapted the process to be cloud-specific. Our new ebook,  10 Steps to a Successful Business Objects Cloud Migration (AWS, Azure, SAP HEC, etc.), outlines techniques and explains how 360Suite solutions can facilitate a move to the cloud that is faster, safer and cheaper.  360Suite also generates a byproduct that is less quantifiable but no less important; by empowering IT to successfully and transparently move Business Objects to the cloud, 360Suite aligns the goals of IT and business.

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