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Micropole & 360Suite are proud to announce a partnership

In January 2018, Micropole and 360Suite established a long-term partnership. Micropole works with leading software companies and leverages high-performing tools to develop tailored business solutions.

 What are the advantages?

Micropole’s recognized expertise in BI, combined with 360Suite’s powerful Business Objects solutions, offers significant benefits to all customers.

  • Boost Efficiency: Decrease administration time and cost of ownership by up to 80%
  • Gain Insight: Harness the power of full BI on BI capabilities to understand platform usage, non-usage, and licensing, and to answer the questions, “Who? What? When? Where? Why?”
  • Mitigate Risk: Gather information to satisfy regulatory requirements (GDPR, SOX, Solvency, etc.)

A key enabler towards distinctiveness

Micropole’s expertise in BI enables businesses to stay ahead of the curve by transforming them into agile and data-driven organizations. The effective administration of an SAP Business Intelligence platform is critical to the success of any company that relies on data-driven decision-making and business processes!

 “We are so delighted to have partnered with 360Suite” said Micropole expert Cédric Dejalle. “360Suite for SAP BusinessObjects is an indispensable set of solutions for customers to streamline the SAP BI platform. The instant optimization brought is fabulous; the easy and user-friendly interface allows time savings, optimum security, cost-effectiveness and automated processes with increased flexibility. I am convinced that 360Suite will be of high interest to all SAP Business Intelligence customers!”

The assets of 360Suite’s SAP Business Intelligence optimization interface combined with Micropole’s advanced experience in the implementation of highly complex projects brings clear added value to customers—an accurate understanding of the business and reporting needs, enabling the rise of a robust, agile solution that allows decision makers to improve performance while reducing administration costs.

Want to discover more benefits of an optimized SAP BI platform for your business? Contact us!

Let us demonstrate how Micropole & 360Suite by GB&SMITH can help you optimize your SAP  BusinessObjects platform by increasing productivity and empowering decision-makers.

Learn more about Micropole.

360Suite Solutions: Streamlining SAP BusinessObjects by helping customers gain insight, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

360Suite is a set of tools that address pain points around metadata, BI on BI, backup, disaster recovery, promotion, security, administration, scheduling & bursting, automated regression testing, version control, etc.

360Suite: THE Business Objects Solutions

Learn more about 360Suite.

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