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Account and User Access recertification for Business Objects

In the past years, 360suite has provided solutions to help organizations manage account and user access recertification for Business Objects to meet regulatory needs (find out more herebased on: FISMA, HIPAA, etc.

User Account recertification is focused on user access to resources and applications. Information typically required:

  • Plan vs Reality: Is what being planned properly implemented? And how well is that documented?
  • Security permission: What type of access to resources and documents should a user have?
  • Actual usage: Are users really using what has been planned, how often, and with what type of actions?
  • Decommissioned users: Who and When were the decommissioned users deleted and do these users still have access?
  • Disaster and Recovery: In the event of a DR situation, how are decommissioned users prevented to regain access?

Needs are determined by Policymakers such as CISO, CSO, CCO etc. What does Bob need to have access to, what type of actions can he have, for how long are such access needed. If Bob wins the lottery and leaves the organization, how do you make sure his access are removed etc.

User recertification can be performed multiple times a year, depending on the organization and regulatory needs. Recertification can be performed on a pool of randomly selected users or on all users.

Business Objects Administrators are typically the policy implementers who execute and produce documentation around account recertification for their Security officers.

Perimeter of action: Execution workflow, corrective actions, reporting and alerting needs should be properly planned between the System administrator, Security officers, and executors.

360Suite offers a set of solutions for Business Objects to help meet account recertification and provide automation. Performing account recertification in SAP BusinessObjects is impossible to do. Account recertification, in most cases, is properly planned but the execution is always the bottleneck. Policymakers often have inaccurate inputs of the IT systems and organization-specific needs.

How can 360Suite help in account recertification?

  • Document complete security from explicit down to double inheritance
  • Compare security over time
  • Allow auditors to have quick access to security and perform quick checks
  • Track actions and non-actions from users, documents, and applications
  • Monitor decommissioned users and contents
  • Manage quick removal of decommissioned users
  • Perform reporting proof on decommissioned users
  • Provide Safe Disaster and Recovery with decommissioned user tracking
  • Implement security changes
  • View publication and bursting schedules

And many more…

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