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Bluefin and 360Suite are pround to announce a partnership

Proud Partners 360Suite by GB&SMITH and Bluefin

360Suite by GB&SMITH and Bluefin are proud to announce a partnership, effective September 5th, 2017. The partnership empowers Bluefin to apply 360Suite solutions to Business Objects, thereby addressing pain points around security, administration, backup and disaster recovery, promotion, regression testing, metadata, BI on BI, reporting, version control, and more.

The pairing of 360Suite technology and Bluefin expertise offers major benefits to customers:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Decrease administration time and cost of ownership by up to 80%.
  • Greater Insight: Harness the full power of BI on BI capabilities to understand platform usage (including non-usage) and licensing, and answer the questions, “Who? What? When? Where? Why?”
  • Reduced Risk: Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements (GDPR, SOX, Solvency, etc.).

As a leading consultancy in SAP Business Intelligence, Bluefin applies in-depth understanding of SAP methodologies and processes to boost client success. An agile, collaborative approach to engineering meaningful technology solutions helps customers gain commercial advantage from data through advanced innovation, deployment and support of SAP technologies.

Pete Humble, BI Centre of Excellence at Bluefin Solutions: “Even in my expanded BI role, a competitive marketplace for solutions aplenty, I see the traditional Business Objects Enterprise solution as an indispensable tool for so many businesses. While Bluefin is an industry leading implementation partner for the solution, simply implementing it is often not enough. It is critical for me that our customers not only have the right tools, they are also enabled to get the full value of their investment. This is why our collaboration is so important.
The partnership between Bluefin and 360Suite by GB&SMITH will not only ensure a market-leading implementation for our customers, but will arm our customers with the tools and know-how to fully realise the benefits of the solution.”

Patrick Perrier, EMEA Director, Analytics Center of Excellence: “I have known Peter Humble and some of his consultants for more than 15 years, since my days working at Business Objects. Knowing what Analytics and Business Objects means to him, I look forward to working together again. Following his appointment as Global Head, BI & HANA CoE, it was of strategic importance for me to join forces with such a recognized SAP Partner, employing a super strong team of experts to streamline and extend SAP BusinessObjects deployments. I have no doubt that combining Bluefin experience and customer relationships with 360Suite by GB&SMITH solutions for SAP BusinessObjects will bring success to both companies.”

About Bluefin

Bluefin is an award-winning Mindtree SAP Practice that works alongside clients on their journey to becoming automated enterprises. They don’t just implement SAP technology, they marry strategy, Business Intelligence, and back office systems to provide customers with a competitive edge.

About 360Suite by GB&SMITH

360Suite by GB&SMITH is an award-winning software company that develops solutions to enhance Business Objects. More than 500 clients and 2 million users worldwide have adopted 360Suite solutions to make SAP BusinessObjects easier, faster, safer and cheaper.

Contact us and discover how to maximize your SAP BusinessObjects investment!

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