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Wiiisdom Ops for Tableau:
Performance Testing

Ensure the availability and performance of your Tableau server


Performance testing is an important step in the lifecycle management of a dashboard. A dashboard is usually tested in the development phase, before being delivered in production. Continuous performance testing is also important as it helps automatically identify when there are slowdowns before users complain about it. Wiiisdom Ops provides different performance testing capabilities such as Stress Testing for your Tableau Server where you drive load and evaluate the overall performances and availability of the platform. You can also run performance testing on individual dashboards to assess response time and put your finger on the reasons for slowdowns.

Wiiisdom Ops provides a scoring index when running the Performance Test and compares it to the threshold you set based on your requirements to determine pass or failure. You flexibly set your Response Time and Availability Goal for each of the tests based on your users’ requirements and/or SLA. The score is then calculated and helps you to improve your overall performance over time.


Stress-test your Tableau Server and measure response time against SLA requirements.


Determine capacity needs and accelerate long testing efforts for server upgrades and future releases.

What is Performance Testing for Tableau?

Wiiisdom is on a mission to help people make better, trusted decisions. To truly become data-driven, organizations need to provide a first-class experience. Performance testing allows you to determine capacity needs and assess server performance in order to provide the best user experience.

Performance testing for Tableau drives load to your Tableau server and assesses response time and reliability through a scoring called Apdex.

Drive load to your Tableau Server, select the dashboards to integrate to the test and verify that your server can handle it.

The results are visualized in a number of different formats and attached to the test report. They are also easy to read and interpret.