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Tabjolt vs. Wiiisdom for Tableau

Overcoming The Limitations of Tabjolt for Tableau Testing


Performance and load testing are critical to maintaining a healthy Tableau environment. However, executing these tests at scale can be challenging. In this blog post, we will compare two options—Tabjolt and Wiiisdom for Tableau—to help you make an informed decision.


What is Tabjolt?

Tabjolt is a load and performance testing tool for Tableau Server. It simulates user actions and collects data to evaluate Tableau’s performance under load and extreme stress conditions.


Limitations of Tabjolt Load and Performance Testing

Tabjolt is a popular tool for load and performance testing of Tableau Server. However, it does come with certain limitations that users should be aware of:

  1. Lack of Official Support: Tabjolt is provided “As-Is” without official support from Tableau. This means that any issues or vulnerabilities may take longer to resolve.
  2. Technical Expertise: Tabjolt requires technical proficiency (namely, command-line scripting) to install, configure, and execute performance and load tests.
  3. PostgreSQL Dependency: For Tabjolt to save its results, PostgreSQL must be installed. However, some organizations restrict the use of PostgreSQL.
  4. Ambiguous Results: Test results must be analyzed in a Tableau workbook. The differentiation between “passes” and “failures” is not explicitly defined, leading to ambiguity in interpreting results.
  5. Tableau Server Only: Tabjolt only supports performance and load testing for Tableau Server. You cannot use Tabjolt with Tableau Cloud.


Why Choose Wiiisdom?

Starting with Wiiisdom for Tableau 2024.1, anyone, from Tableau admins to developers, can build and automate performance and load tests without the need for Tabjolt. This means you can continually validate that users will have uninterrupted access to Tableau content.

Comprehensive and Easy to Use

Wiiisdom is a user-friendly solution that simplifies performance and load testing by eliminating the need for command-line scripting in test setup, configuration, and execution. With Wiiisdom, you can establish SLAs, set a desired Apdex score, and define test conditions using a no-code approach, making dashboard testing comprehensive and easy.

Clear Results

Wiiisdom simulates traffic to dashboards, measuring load times from the user’s point of view. This data is benchmarked against predefined SLAs, providing clear insights into test results (whether they pass or fail) and the underlying reasons. This enables you to take targeted action to optimize dashboard performance.

Automated and Integrated

It’s also easy to automate performance and load tests so you can discover performance issues proactively. Additionally, these tests can be integrated into a broader set of validations (focused on accuracy, functionality, and security) or even a CI/CD framework, ensuring that Tableau content is accurate, recent, and reliable for decision-making.

Fully-supported Solution

Wiiisdom is a Tableau partner and has been pioneering analytics governance for business intelligence platforms for 16 years. Wiiisdom for Tableau, unlike Tabjolt, is a fully supported. We deliver routine maintenance releases and upgrades—addressing potential vulnerabilities and bugs along the way—to ensure users have a secure, reliable, and current tool for performance testing.


Ready to dig deeper? 

While Tabjolt and Wiiisdom for Tableau serve as performance and load testing tools, Wiiisdom distinguishes itself with its user-friendly setup, clear results, automation features, and comprehensive support. This post barely scratches the surface of Wiiisdom’s advantages. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and try Wiiisdom for your performance testing requirements.

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