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SAP BusinessObjects
Live Monitoring

360Live Features



  • Real-time monitoring of services down to 1 second
  • Operating System metrics: memory load, CPU load
  • Service health metrics: enabled, disabled, stopped, requires restart
  • Common server metrics: CPUs, RAM, disk size, used disk space, busy server threads
  • Job server metrics: received job requests, concurrent jobs, peak jobs, failed job creations
  • Adaptive processing server metrics: available processors, free memory, CPU usage percentage, etc.


  • Create watchers to detect the state of BOBJ services (Webi, adaptive job server, etc.) on a permanent basis or for a set date/time range
  • Send alerts when a user-defined threshold is met with a choice of delivery: email or file system location


  • Automatically stop, start, restart or disable service
  • Automatically launch a program
  • Automatically run an executable – i.e. start a new instance of BOBJ server on AWS
  • Automatically call a URL – i.e. trigger a 360View task to pause BOBJ recurring instances

Webi Documents

  • Identify long-running documents – ad-hoc and scheduled
  • Identify users of long-running documents – ad-hoc and scheduled

State Of The Art Engine

  • Light-weight HTML 5-based monitoring
  • An install can be done on a separate server to have no impact on SAP BOBJ resources
  • Use one 360Live application to monitor multiple BOBJ systems