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Wiiisdom for Tableau
Automated Performance and Load Testing

Effortlessly build and automate performance and load tests to ensure users have reliable access to Tableau content and enjoyable experience.


Ensure an optimal performance of your Tableau environment

Address one of the most common obstacles to scaling user adoption by optimizing your Tableau Server environment with Wiiisdom. Identify bottlenecks and fine-tune resource allocation to ensure swift, reliable analytics, enhance user experience and foster trust in your data insights.


Support for Tableau Cloud

Run Performance and Load Testing on Tableau Cloud. Validate dashboard and report efficiency with just a few clicks, ensuring an optimal user experience for stakeholders.


Assess the performance of individual dashboards

Performance of individual dashboards can vary significantly based on design complexity, data volume and user interaction. Deep dive into the performance analysis of each dashboard, check that filters and parameters are applied within acceptable execution duration, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.


Define Analytics SLAs

With Wiiisdom, defining SLAs for performance and availability, along with setting desired Apdex scores, is easy to do. Wiiisdom’s intuitive, no-code approach simplifies specifying test conditions, such as concurrent clients, dashboards to test, and simulated user profiles.


Automated, Continuous, and Integrated

Automate performance and load tests with ease to proactively detect and address issues. Receive notifications in Slack/Teams in case of any problems. Wiiisdom offers insights into performance issues, enabling swift understanding and resolution of obstacles to delivering a positive user experience.

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Introducing Automated Performance and Load Testing for Tableau


Wiiisdom for Tableau


Automate your Tableau Performance Testing with Wiiisdom for Tableau

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