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The value of SAP BusinessObjects real-time monitoring

For the past 10 years, we at GB And Smith have been developing solutions to help clients maximize their SAP BusinessObjects investments.

We are renovating our 10-year-old GUI. Eliminating prior technical limitations, and enabling us to add more features.

The first and our newest product to partake in the new GUI is 360Live. 360Live provides real-time monitoring capabilities and gives you the ability to kill sessions. Both of which have been highly requested by customers, now made available.

In one particular case, a client encountered a specific SAP BusinessObjects issue that brought down their entire platform. They became aware of this when the CMC Auditor Metric went from 0 to 1. The entire platform crashed after a few minutes/hours.

To solve this issue, they asked their SAP BusinessObjects administration team to manually check this metric throughout the day. This is a very time-consuming task without any added value. It is also unreliable for the following reason: if the metric goes from 0 to 1 within a few seconds after a manual check, the administration team will not be aware of the situation and the platform will crash.

With 360Live’s SAP BusinessObjects real-time monitoring capabilities, the administration team can be warned as soon as the metric changes.


They can, therefore, fix the problem before any crash occurs. As a result, this simple feature saves a significant amount of time on daily administration tasks with a reliable process.

With regards to our 360Plus solution for Business Objects backups: “How can your company invest, in some cases, millions in BusinessObjects without relying on a real monitoring strategy?” This is critical and one of the backbones of your deployments! If you are an SAP BusinessObjects administrator, share this with your manager to justify the purchase. If you are a BI manager, contact us!

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