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Wiiisdom Announces its Automated Certification Capability is Patent-Pending


We’re Patent-Pending!

From day one of Wiiisdom, innovation has been our DNA, delivering our clients’ invaluable software with first-class support and customer service. What started out providing governance solutions for SAP BusinessObjects has now turned into an analytics governance platform that integrates with multiple technologies such as SAP BusinessObjects, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI.

As part of our portfolio, BI testing capabilities are our flagship to empower organizations to foster trust in their data and analytics. This, in turn, equips leaders to make informed, reliable decisions. In our quest to help our customers build trust and mitigate risks, testing was our first step. Following this, we achieved our next milestone of co-innovating with Tableau to transform version control, but we wanted to go beyond this and set new benchmarks in innovation. For this, we made a pivotal achievement in our journey with the development of an innovative dynamic and automated certification capability for reports, dashboards, and data sources. This capability visually informs the data consumer if the BI content has been validated, and when. This can also be called watermarking, an endorsement, or a trust mark.

We are excited to share that this innovative capability is currently in the process of being patented, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to enhancing analytics reliability and integrity. “We have the vision to help people consume data the way they consume everything else in life by being visually and proactively alerted when there is a problem.”, CEO of Wiiisdom, Sébastien Goiffon, on this new milestone at Wiiisdom.


Build Trust With Automated Certification of your BI Content

“Is my dashboard accurate and reliable?” “How do I know when it was last validated?” “Can I trust my dashboard?” Our automated dashboard certification capability takes away all these questions by providing an additional layer of trust and quality assurance (demonstrating if your BI content is recent, validated, or if nothing has been done) for organizations. You can now prove to your users that their content is accurate, reconciled, and trustworthy for decision-making. Users will be able to have a visual indication that what they’re viewing has been tested and certified for accuracy. Equally, it will also tell you if a dashboard is de-certified so you can proactively address any issues. This is a big development to build trust in data and analytics as it’s the second barrier to BI adoption today.


Example of the certification message when a dashboard has passed a reconciliation.

This feature not only enhances the integrity of BI content but also sets a new standard in the BI community. According to Gartner®:

“A common strategy is for professional BI developers to apply watermarks, tags, certification labels, or similar, to content. Certifying content indicates to analytics consumers that the content has been endorsed by professional BI developers, differentiating it from content created by self-service analytics users, and establishing trust.”

Source: Gartner, How to Govern and Scale Existing Self-Service Analytics Initiatives, 7 March 2024. . GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

Whether it be a watermark, tag, or certification label, this process acts as a mechanism to establish trust among stakeholders by signaling that the content has been vetted and is reliable. Organizations must adopt this process to build confidence, scale their analytics, and improve compliance for those in regulated industries.


Is your BI content certified?

This one-of-a-kind analytics endorsement capability marks a significant milestone in empowering organizations to implement an analytics governance strategy. Our focus is to ensure organizations have consistently reliable and trustworthy analytics to pave the way for informed, confident decision-making. As we’ve seen with Generative AI analytics gaining popularity, the effectiveness hinges on the quality of the datasets it utilizes. Therefore, embracing dynamic and automated certification of your analytics artifacts is crucial because it lays the foundation for the future success of GenBI.

If you’re interested in finding out more about implementing this certification capability, get in touch with us today.

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