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Tableau Conference 2024 Agenda:
The Sessions You Won’t Want To Miss


Tableau Conference is back for another year

Tableau Conference is back for another year and set to be a great one. Spanning 3 days, it offers sessions, practical training, and motivational content that data enthusiasts will surely not want to miss. With the conference quickly approaching and plenty of sessions available , choosing which ones to attend can seem daunting, but we’re here to help! Given the impossibility of attending every session, we recommend taking a moment to build your personalized Tableau Conference agenda.

This year, the tone is set around 3 major themes:


Reimagine analytics for everyone

Demonstrate your innovative approaches to delivering analytics and insights to data analysts, data consumers, and those curious about data.

Get more insights faster with AI and data

Data is growing at an unprecedented rate alongside rapidly evolving demands—discover the tips and tricks that allow you to dedicate more time on analysis and less time building your data analytics.

Scale data with flexibility and trust

Establishing a solid data foundation is crucial for the success of your deployment. Develop a trusted data strategy that enables easy data harmonization, ensures security and governance, and maintains flexibility and compliance to adapt to changing business requirements.


Wiiisdom is proud sponsors of Tableau Conference and we’ve curated a list of sessions we think are not to be missed that you may want to add to your agenda:

Important to note: Attendees cannot book sessions in advance. You can only bookmark them and all sessions will be first come, first seated.

Scale data with flexibility and trust

Why? Being experts in Analytics Governance, we are excited to attend and recommend the following sessions that focus on establishing the foundation of trust, which is vital to scale data and analytics.

Empowering Governance: Your Ultimate
BI Testing Checklist


Get access to practical resources to enhance your governance strategy, to build trust and to scale analytics. Discover your ultimate BI testing checklist!

Best Practices for an Aligned Governance Strategy

Effective governance is crucial to maintain data integrity, security, and compliance. Learn how to align success metrics & KPIs with governance needs, and share best practices on what is working well.

Leah Fried, Lead Business Intelligence Analyst, USAA

Building a Center of Excellence: Blueprint for Success

Let’s discuss how a data analytics center of excellence can help your organization build enterprise adoption and enable self-service analytics.

Mike Sandberg, Lead Business Intelligence Analyst, USAA

Scaling Governance and Support Across Your Deployment

Is IT enabling or preventing? Governance and support should exist to drive the most value from your data. Learn from some real-life examples how some of the biggest deployments are being managed.

Peter Naegele, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Tableau Catalog: Meet your Metadata

Join this hands-on Data Catalog journey. You will use the Data Management interface to govern & traverse your data, perform impact analysis & data lineage and leverage the Metadata API.

David Petranek, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce
Kévin Mazille, Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce

The Report That Cried Alert! Tips and Tricks for Alerting

Learn how to build trust with your stakeholders by creating reliable alerts that lead to quick insights. See examples from an auto insurance company and get tips on how to improve your own alerting.

Courtney Marsden, Data Analyst IV, Progressive Insurance

Striking the Right Notes: High-Quality Dashboards at Spotify

Join us as we unveil Spotify’s approach to maintaining quality in our 2,000+ dashboards. Learn about automated checks and our design checklist that ensure our dashboards hit the high note every time.

Jacob Olsufka, Senior Visual Analytics Engineer, Spotify

Driving Data Democratization with Certified Analytical Data

Is your organization driving to varying answers for the same metric? Jump in the driver’s seat with certified analytical data for confidence, governance, and collaboration across your organization.

Prangya Patra Patra, Data Product Manager, Volkswagen Financial Services
Brandon Ohlaug, Senior BI Product Owner, Volkswagen Financial Services

Tableau Software & Decathlon : Secrets of an XXL Deployment

Since deploying the solution/Tableau a bit over a year ago, we’ve driven the change, solved technical challenges, and restructured our organization to leverage the full power of Tableau, allowing for insights and innovation across the world. From fostering adoption through community-building to optimizing business processes at every level (suggestion), we continue to leverage Tableau as a major catalyst for change.

Marine Gravelaine, Leader of Tableau Platform, Decathlon
Robin Vanelven, Responsible for Tableau Skills, Decathlon
Bruno Verissimo, Senior Staff Analytics, Decathlon
Paul Dessus de Cérou, Leader Decathlon Tableau Deployment team, Decathlon

Keep It Clean: Data Quality & Process Monitoring Dashboards

Learn how different areas at Disney use Tableau Desktop for monitoring data ingestion and processing to provide warnings for data engineers when things go awry. And something always goes awry.

Brian McAulay, Manager – Data Engineering, The Walt Disney Company
Elaine DeMeyer Mulhall, Manager, Business Intelligence & Data, Disney Entertainment Television

Measuring Dashboard Usage

In this session, learn what to measure to make sure your dashboards are being used, your dashboard environment runs smoothly, and when your dashboards may need to be decommissioned or enhanced.

Scott Eaton, Business Analysis Manager, JP Morgan Chase

Improving User Experience Through Activity Monitoring

A fast-loading dashboard is critical to creating a positive user experience. This session covers best practices in monitoring dashboard performance, adapted from app performance management standards.

Jay Parekh, Senior Strategy & Operations Analyst, Akamai Technologies
Syed Hamd Salman Salman, Principal Strategy & Operations Analyst, Akamai Technologies
Kyle Mueller, Senior Manager, Strategy & Operations, Akamai Technologies

Get More Insight Faster with AI and Data

Why? AI is everywhere and will continue to be in the future. With the recent announcements of Tableau Pulse and Einstein Co-Pilot, the following sessions will be the popular ones to attend.

Main Keynote: Start with Data. Move Forward with Tableau.

The convergence of AI technology and the demand for trusted insights is fueling a new wave of data and innovation. Join Tableau on the journey as we build a future together and enjoy Devs on Stage.

Ryan Aytay, President & CEO, Tableau, Salesforce
Southard Jones, Chief Product Officer, Tableau, Salesforce
Padmashree Koneti, SVP, Product Management, Tableau, Salesforce
Walid Mehanna, Chief Data & AI Officer, Merck
Elizabeth Maxson, SVP & CMO, Tableau, Salesforce
Esther Schenau, Director, Solution Engineering, Salesforce

Pulse Check: Is Your Data Tableau AI-Ready?

Prepare meticulously to harness Tableau Pulse’s full potential. Join us as we guide you through essential steps, from data cleansing and cataloging to governance. Unlock Tableau AI’s full power.

Ludwig Ehlert, Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce
Matthias Smider, Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Keep the Beat: Mix and Master with Tableau Pulse

Tune in as we dive into a symphony of data with Tableau Pulse. Discover how to orchestrate datasets using AI, uncovering hidden melodies that make your data resonate more than ever before.

Jacob Zitko, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce
Jordan Bethea, Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Scale Insights Across Your Business with Unified Metrics

Get to know how you can use the Tableau Pulse Metrics Layer to easily create standard metric definitions and enrich them with real-world business context to power your insights and analysis.

Shiva Kavindpadi, Senior Product Manager, Salesforce
Phil Naranjo, Product Management Director, Salesforce

Tableau Pulse Today and Its Future

Join for a deep dive into Tableau Pulse’s roadmap. Learn how Pulse provides a reimagined data experience that enhances the Tableau Platform to make data-driven decisions easier than ever.

Libby Knell, Product Manager, Salesforce
Daniel Platt, Product Management Director, Salesforce

Accelerating Insights and Development with AI

Learn how to use AI tools like Chat GPT to speed up development and troubleshoot common problems to become a better data translator and business asset.

Ruy Aguilar, Tableau Evangelist, Keyrus
Jeremy Blaney, Lecturer, Tufts University

AI Innovations Unleashed: The Next Wave of Tableau’s Roadmap

Dive into the forefront of innovation with Tableau’s roadmap, showcasing advancements across AI and analytics. See how we redefine analytics, enhance user experience, and empower data-driven decisions.

Harveen Kathuria, Senior Director, Product Management, Salesforce
Alexzandra Caldwell-Wenman, Senior Director, Product Management, Salesforce
Kuber Sharma, Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce

Einstein Copilot in Tableau: Your Data Exploration Partner

Discover the power of Einstein Copilot in Tableau, which allows anyone to uncover valuable insights from their data and maximize their use of Tableau.

April Doud, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce
Honto Ming, Senior Product Manager, Salesforce

Predicting Churn with Tableau, Data Science, and GenAI

Learn how Mimecast armed its customer success teams with information and dashboards in order to tackle identifying and prioritizing customer churn using Tableau, data science, and generative AI.

Oladimeji Olaolorun, Senior Manager, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Mimecast
Ross Helenius, Director Analytics Engineering, Mimecast

Tableau Cloud

Why? Despite not being one of the three hot topics this year, there would be no AI if Tableau Cloud didn’t exist. Tableau Cloud is the main product and there are lots of success stories and migration-related sessions to attend to encourage you to embrace innovation, AI and scale analytics.

Unlock Seamless Cloud Migration: Mastering the Migration SDK

Learn about our open-source software development kit (SDK) and how it helps customers and partners write C# or Python apps to quickly migrate from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud.

Aaron Lower, Product Management Senior Manager, Salesforce
Steffen Froehlich, Software Engineering LMTS, Salesforce

Cloudy with a Chance of Data Our DIY Tableau Cloud Migration

Considering Tableau Cloud? Don’t miss our session on lessons learned from our migration. Learn what not to do and how to keep your sanity while you optimize Tableau Cloud with security & flexibility.

Bill Homrich, Sr. Manager Data Visualization, American Specialty Health
Autumn Dougherty, Healthcare Account Executive, Salesforce

Navigating Your Tableau Cloud Migration Journey

Dive deeper into the benefits, challenges, and best practices for a successful Tableau Cloud migration. Note: Not a step-by-step guide, but covers resources and strategies to consider.

Brad Brechbuhl, Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce
Lena Boehnke, Senior Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Take Charge in the Cloud with Tableau Cloud Manager

Unlock greater scale and control in Tableau Cloud. Meet Tableau Cloud Manager. Join us to see how this innovation empowers you to bring AI-powered analytics to every corner of your organization.

Anika Martynowych, Product Management Director, Salesforce
Scott Smith, Senior Product Manager, Salesforce

Other Noteworthy Sessions
You Won’t Want To Miss

Why? They may not fit into the 3 themes above but we think they’re worth attending to help you learn even more Tableau tips and tricks.

Beyond the Boundaries of Tableau

Unleash the full potential of Tableau and take your data journey to new heights with lessons in learning, experimentation, and sharing. Join for live demos of impressive techniques and new features.

Tristan | @ladataviz Guillevin, Independant Data Visualization Consultant, Ladataviz B.V.

Mic Drop: Tremendous Tableau Tips

Take your vizzing to the next level as Heidi, Tore, and Annabelle “wow” you with a new round of Tableau tips, tricks, and shortcuts for all skill levels.

Heidi Kalbe, Associate Solution Expert, Woodmark Consulting AG
Annabelle Rincon, Tableau Ambassador and Visionary
Tore @torelev Levinsen, Tableau Jedi, Inmeta

Maturing Analytics: From Dashboard to Data Products

Move beyond dashboards to impactful data products by leveraging Tableau Pulse, Tableau Actions, Embedded Analytics, and more. We’ll cover real-life examples and strategies to drive data to action.

Ben Bausili, Global Director of Product, InterWorks

Build Your Own Viz Type: Developing a Custom Viz Extension

Get hands-on and build a viz extension. Perfect for our developer audience, this session offers a deep dive into design considerations and the available APIs toward building a custom viz extension.

Nicolas Duchastel de Montrouge, Software Engineering PMTS, Salesforce
Lauren Jackson, Software Engineering LMTS, Salesforce
Wilson Po, Senior Product Manager, Salesforce
Rodion Degtyar, Software Engineering PMTS, Salesforce

See you in San Diego!

Now’s the time to finalise your agenda and get ready for the event so you can make the most of every moment! Feel free to come and meet the Wiiisdom team at our stand during the event—we’d love to see you!

In the meantime, take a look at this page where we’ve put together everything you need to know for #Data24:

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