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Exploring BOBJ UNX: A Key Asset
in SAP BusinessObjects Reporting


Long live SAP BOBJ UNX!

SAP BOBJ UNX aren’t something new—having been released back in 2011—but the momentum for users to convert over to them is at a real high now. Why? Because UNV will no longer be supported by the end of 2025 for most customers (except for Priority 1 support customers). Now 2 years may seem a long way away but this isn’t something that can just happen overnight. The conversion itself is easy but it’s the repointing and testing your reports that takes most of the time—simply take a look at our customer case study on a UNV conversion project that took 7 months to complete with 8,000 reports, each with multiple universes. Before any project such as this, you probably want to understand the benefits it will bring to you and your users, so let’s delve into the advantages of converting from UNV to UNX.


The main benefits of converting to BOBJ UNX

“Why should I convert my SAP BusinessObjects UNV to UNX?” Apart from the end of support for UNVs in 2025, there are many benefits to converting to SAP BOBJ UNX:


  1. SAP BOBJ UNX connects to various data sources such as Snowflake, BigQuery, RedShift, and Amazon RDS, which isn’t possible when using UNVs.
  2. There are stand-alone parameters (prompts).
  3. There is a much better management of the List of Values.
  4. There are Dynamic default values in Universe Parameters.
  5. Developers will have better management of shared projects by being able to synchronize changes with the platform and collaborate on universe development.
  6. Any new database support is only added in the IDT.


In essence, converting to UNXs will provide developers with better tools that are easier to use and make them more efficient in their work.


Where to begin?

If you’re ready to convert your UNV to UNX but not sure where to start, here at Wiiisdom we can help you successfully convert thanks to our migration framework. We can help you analyze your UNVs before converting them and make sure they’re a good fit for conversion, carry out the migration to UNX, repoint your reports, and then implement testing to validate that the conversion was successful.


You can download our free guide on how to convert your UNV to UNX to help you ensure a successful conversion project, including insights into how our customers leveraged 360Suite to convert their UNV.


The countdown is on to convert to UNX!

The clock is ticking to convert to SAP BOBJ UNX but you don’t have to worry—Wiiisdom is here to help! We can help you convert from UNV to UNX and bulk-repoint your reports, everything from one place, efficiently, and safely. Are you ready to discover more?

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