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SAP BusinessObjects Administration and Maintenance

360View Features


Bulk Action / Automation

  • Purge Webi documents
  • Clear inboxes
  • Purge, disable or delete users
  • Update or delete recurring & non-recurring instances
  • Manage active sessions
  • Update owners of objects
  • Update Crystal connections
  • Update Webi variables


  • Archive instances (.WID, PDF, XLS, CSV, Text)
  • Pseudo archive documents (public) via BOBJ security (custom access level)

Drill Down / Exploration

  • Live drill down on any objects
  • Export & document the results


  • Detect inherited, double inherited rights & broken inheritance
  • Audit & document security changes
  • Get user & object-centric security
  • Save and export security matrix for SoD


  • Unbound documents
  • Universes without connections
  • Never connected users
  • Universes used by Webi documents
  • Security – ad-hoc or scheduled export to Excel
  • BOBJ content (folder, owner, size, CUID, etc.)
  • Export formats available: XLS and CSV


  • Identify and delete dormant users for account recertification
  • Identify and delete unlinked third-party users and groups
  • Enterprise aliasing assignment