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Wiiisdom for Tableau
Regression Testing

Automatically Validate Your Tableau Workbooks. Compare the layout. Reconcile Data.


Data regressions are one of the highest risks in Analytics. They are hard to detect by human eyes and they can lead to terrible decisions. At Wiiisdom we believe that everyone should be able to make trusted decisions with Analytics.

Regression Testing allows you to compare two versions of a Tableau view across time and/or environments and automatically highlight differences.

Testing data and layout is critical in Analytics since it can’t be supplanted by manual testing. It is critical to assure users that they can trust the data they see in their dashboards.


Deploy fully validated dashboards with Continuous Delivery.


Automatically test and validate after Tableau or server upgrades.


Compare your workbooks across versions, servers, sites or folders.


Detect issues immediately and locate them more easily.

What is Regression Testing for Tableau?

With regression tests, you can keep track of changes in data on your Tableau Views but also the layout of your dashboards, the existence of worksheets, columns, filters, and parameters, as well as any changes to columns, filters, and parameter values.

Use cases can vary from continuously testing data and layout of the same view to detect anomalies, to validating a dashboard after a system change (server, version, ETL) before deploying in production.

Setting up regression tests is very simple. You start by taking a baseline snapshot of the current state, just a matter of a few clicks in Wiiisdom for Tableau. You can then periodically run the regression test to compare the baseline against the current version on the Tableau server.

You can flexibly design your regression tests so that you run checks on the items that are not expected to change.

For example, if your data is changing on a daily basis, but you want to test the integrity of the dashboard, you can simply exclude data and images from your tests.

Tests can be executed either directly from the user interface or be scripted and called by external tools. They can be an integral part of your CI/CD Pipeline.

As you can see, regression testing for Tableau is useful in ensuring that your critical dashboards are always working as expected and being in the know of any changes. Setting them up couldn’t be simpler.


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