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Vanderbilt University Medical Center

BI4.2 Migration Challenges

  • 11 Years old BOBJ environment required cleanup and restructure
  • Reorganization resulting from the split between the Medical Center and the University
  • Removal of 4K+ dormant or duplicated users
  • Growth in Data warehouse use with an average increase of 200 new users per month
  • Removed 12K reports (40% of total). Reports that are no longer being used.
  • Webi reports totaling over 150GB of server disk space. Questions: Are they all used? What about the instances?
  • Do Cleanup, archiving and support a diverse user base that perform key organizational functions
  • Reorganize security for users that moved between entities or may require access to data in both new entities
  • Cleanup all no longer used universes and objects

360 Tools helped us to…

  • Get a better/clearer picture of our BOBJ environments (using out of the box dashboards reports PLUS add customized reports)
  • Make educated and informed maintenance decisions
  • Reduce total number of reports, universes objects, increase reliability/data confidence
  • Provide a reliable back up and disaster recovery solution (Have used it a few times – Seen as a super hero)
  • Do in house migration and avoid expensive consulting 3 consultants saved, 300K+USD
  • Automate report comparison (regression testing) with the 360bind solution
  • Without Bind reports would need to be recreated. Human hour savings are invaluable
  • Prepare for 4.2 migration with greatly reduced workload and faster migration process
  • Daily time saved 75%
  • Gain confidence and Increase Quality Control
  • Improve User adoption + 200 Users / Month