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Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics (LMCO-A) BI shop is no small task to manage. With over 3+ Years of Audit Data (182GB), 4,500 Active Users (Logged on at least once in 30 days), 65,000+ Web Intelligence Reports, 259 Universes, & 6,300+ Crystal Reports, the Admin, Analyst, & Business User Teams work tirelessly to supply the organization with Business Intelligence Reporting.

“1000 Man Hours & $120K saved with 360Eyes in the first year alone.” – Jay Riddle, Senior BI Architect

Recently the LMCO-A Business Strategy to move on to SAP Suite-on-HANA has put a huge amount of pressure on those teams. The business wants to eliminate costs of supporting redundant processes, and take advantage of in-memory platform performance increases, and IT needs to re-engineer views & processes because development in HANA is different from the legacy Oracle backend.

“The broader 360Suite provides us additional administrative capabilities – enabling us to consolidate from multiple 3rd party solutions to a single suite and improve our overall ROI.”