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Take Your Publication
To The Next Level

360Cast Features


Destination List Sources

  • SQL
  • XLS(X)
  • CSV
  • Webi/Crystal Reports
  • Stored in-app (360Cast)

Destination Types

  • Email
  • File Location
  • Inbox
  • Public Folder
  • (S)FTP
  • SharePoint
  • Sharepoint 2016
  • Sharepoint Online

Destination Formats

  • BO
  • CSV(R)
  • FTP
  • (M)HTML
  • PDF
  • TXT(R)
  • XLS(X)
  • XML

Better Performance

  • Flexible single-pass bursting – refresh documents once to deliver personalized output to each nominated recipient
  • 1 Cast task for N documents – mix document kinds (Webi and CR)
  • Burst documents based on filters and prompts – no BOBJ profiles

Better Delivery

  • Package documents in ZIP
  • Concatenate PDF and set page order
  • Avoid sending publications that return empty or partial results
  • Monitor failed or incomplete report deliveries
  • Allow HTML in email destinations

Easier Administration

  • Reuse and easily update destination lists for multiple 360Cast tasks
  • Display all scheduled jobs on one single view
  • Address failures without relaunching the entire job
  • Create prompts and filters directly in 360Cast


  • Integrate with enterprise scheduler (Control-M, DollarU, Vtom, UC4, TWS)
  • Trigger schedule based on SAP BusinessObjects events


  • Password protect PDF, XLS, ZIP outputs
  • Watermark document with sensitive content (PDF and XLS)
  • Add custom PDF metadata (title, subject, keywords, author, creator) for searching & organization (i.e. Sharepoint)