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Why flirt with disaster when you can commit to success?

360Plus Features


Backup / Restore

  • Object-level backup of all BOBJ content
  • Incremental backup
  • Restore all types of objects whilst recovering key dependencies such as security, inboxes, instances & personal folders
  • Select backup version (historical) to restore
  • Unitary rollback to the previous version of backup
  • Comparison between versions of backed-up unitary object


  • Integrate promotions with external job scheduler (Control-M, DollarU)
  • Promote based on: flag – added by 360Eyes, 360View
  • Delta – only move changed or newly added content from source environment
  • Automate promotion via scheduled jobs


  • Pseudo-archive via Flag unused documents (public) – via 360Eyes & promote it (remains on Business Objects)
  • Selectively restore archived items

Virtual Machines / Cloud

  • Restore corrupted versions of VMs – from all content right down to object level
  • Compare versions of content (documents and universes)
  • Synchronize different DR sites down to object level

Disaster & Recovery

  • Rollback/Restore the entire environment or selected content (i.e. incorrect version, corrupted object) to a saved point in time)
  • Keep environments in sync so you can switch over between the failover site and BOBJ production site
  • Schedule environment synchronization at a specified frequency


  • Compare content between environments to find differences (documents and users)
  • Keep environments in sync so you can switch over between failover site and BOBJ production site
  • Export differences to Excel