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The Last Mile
of DataOps


By 2024, Ventana Research expects that one-third of organizations will adopt an analytics operations (AnalyticsOps) approach similar to and integrated with their data operations processes to enhance responsiveness and agility. David Menninger explores analytics operations in this analyst perspective, highlighting how AnalyticsOps addresses the limitations of analytics and BI as well as the processes involved in implementing analytics operations in an organization.

Read the perspective to learn:

  • How an AnalyticsOps approach can address the limitations of analytics and BI, providing more flexibility and adaptability to change.
  • About the importance of extending DataOps to include AnalyticsOps, including improved organizational agility and responsiveness.
  • What processes are involved in implementing analytics operations.

To learn how Wiiisdom helps organizations automate their analytics operations, visit Ventana Research Analyst Perspective: Wiiisdom Automates Analytics Operations for Trusted Analyses.


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