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Learn how leading organizations in the world and inspiring leaders are using Data Analytics to make decisions

Today more than ever, organizations are working with Data Analytics to drive their business. Innovation and new technologies are creating massive opportunities and also, unprecedented challenges.

How can you champion your Analytics strategy? How can you onboard your teams and grow new skills to beat the competition? How do you ensure reliable Analytics to make trusted decisions? How do you align IT and Business and break analytics siloes?

IT and Business are like an old couple arguing over the color to paint a wall, all while both wanting the same thing: to feel good at home. Analogies aside, organizations need to develop a data culture across all departments to truly foster data-driven decision-making.

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Decisive 2022 – Recordings

You can access the full playlist of Decisive 2022 on our Youtube channel.

Analytics Governance RECORDING – 45MIN

Analytics Governance: The Weak Link In Your Data Governance

DataOps is enabling organizations to be more agile in their data processes, but many organizations fail to extend that approach to their analytics. The same desire for agility suggests that organizations need to adopt AnalyticsOps. Many organizations and vendors are talking about DataOps and attempting to address the requirements needed to support that approach. However, very few organizations or vendors are addressing the requirements for AnalyticsOps. In much the same way that data governance and analytics governance need to come together, DataOps and AnalyticOps need to come together. They really shouldn’t be separate at all.

In this keynote presentation, hear what our research shows about how a lack of Analytics governance impedes business processes and jeopardizes an organization. Learn how to overcome these challenges and what the benefits might be of developing Analytics Governance models.

David Menninger

SVP & Research Director
Ventana Research

Sebastien Goiffon


Laurent Bride

CTO, CPO, Board Member
Komodo Health

The GPS that gets you Agile BI

“I hear that Agile is chaos and no plan, how can that help me with my Business Intelligence project?”

If you haven’t said this yourself, chances are that your boss or your colleagues will have said it. It’s a common misconception that Agile is the same as bad or even no planning. In this presentation, I review the disciplined approach to Agile development and how it applies specifically to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects.

I share our GPS that gets you Agile BI: 20+ building blocks which will guide you to ensure your project not only succeeds, but also starts delivering value in the very early stages. To make sure you gain the trust of your stakeholders!

There are things you can start doing today that will quickly help get your BI project back on track, and help your business thrive.

Raphael Branger

Principal Consultant Data & Analytics, IT-Logix AG

Severin Leuenberger

Principal Consultant Data & Analytics, IT-Logix AG

Data Storytelling RECORDING – 30MIN

Data Storytelling: Decentralizing your analytics and empowering non-technical users

“Do you want me to sketch it out for you?” We’ve all heard that sentence before. Corporate data is often abstract and difficult to understand. They need to be simplified and put into context to become actionable. Data Storytelling is the answer to these problems, so let’s discover its multiple applications!

Data Storytelling is the ability to tell a story with data and to personalize the data seen according to the audience. We all love stories. Whatever their context, they allow you to convey a message or complex information in a playful way and well-scripted. Where data is available, the aim is to use these figures to communicate and make the information easier to digest. We must be able to put these data in a narrative context.

Kevin Smith

VP Product Marketing, Toucan Toco

Analytics Quality RECORDING – 30MIN

Analytics Quality: Why organizations can no longer ignore the importance of the true last mile of the data journey

The true last mile of the data journey lies in the Data Analytics layer. Period. Nobody makes decisions based on datasets after all!

Analytics is used to make business decisions and organizations are now realizing that quality at the data layer is no longer enough. Analytics Quality is a must if they really want to become data-driven and ensure trusted analytics at all times.

In this session I will explain the importance of Analytics Quality in the true last mile of the data journey.

Patrick Perrier

VP Product, Wiiisdom

Discussion Panel: The Rise of Data Mesh

Wannes Rosiers

CTO, Golazo Group

Andy Mott

EMEA Head of Partner Solutions Architecture and Data Mesh Lead, Starburst

Samia Rahman

Director of Data & AI - Strategist and Architect, Seagen

James Serra

Data & AI Solution Architect, Microsoft


The Metaverse and Analytics: how can decision-makers harness the Metaverse for their organizations?

The Metaverse is popularized in science fiction, and now it is becoming closer to being a part of our daily lives through the use of social media and shopping companies. How can businesses survive in a world where Artificial Intelligence is becoming the present as well as the future of technology, and how does the Metaverse fit into business strategy when futurist ideas are developing into reality at accelerated rates? How do we do this when our Business Intelligence isn’t up to scratch? How can we move towards success with our data so we are set up for the Metaverse when it arrives?

How can you help your company to evolve, adapt and succeed using Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse to stay at the forefront of the competition? What are the potential issues, complications, and benefits that these technologies could bring to us and our organizations? In this session, Jen Stirrup will explain how to start thinking about these technologies as an organization.

Jennifer Stirrup

CEO & Founder, Data Relish

Data Culture RECORDING – 25MIN

Data Culture eats Data Strategy for breakfast!

The Covid pandemic has brought many challenges and changes for companies. One effect is the acceleration of the transformation to data-driven enterprises.

At the same time, it is becoming increasingly clear that a positive data culture in the company is a key success factor for this transformation, but many organizations are still finding it very difficult to implement it in practice.

Carsten Bange will present a framework that helps companies to structure and concretely address the somewhat elusive topic of data culture.

Dr. Carsten Bange

Founder and CEO, BARC GmbH

How DataOps Can Supercharge Your Analytics Agility

Despite having world-class Data Engineers and the industry’s best-in-class toolchain, why is it still so hard to answer analytic questions?

It’s easy to blame your staff or tools, but the lack of analytics agility is most likely due to poor processes and workflows.

In this session, DataKitchen CEO & Head Chef Chris Bergh will share how a DataOps ‘Process Hub’ can centralize and optimize the processes that act upon data for the purpose of rapidly answering questions and quickly deploying high-quality insight.

Chris will also share an example of how a large pharma company was able to deliver high-quality analytics at a faster rate with fewer Business Analysts thanks to their DataOps ‘Process Hub’.

Christopher Bergh

CEO & Head Chef, DataKitchen

Data Literacy RECORDING – 30MIN

Data Literacy: The Necessary Skill

The world is inundated with data, this is no secret. Tools and technology are powerful, but the human skill may be the most Important. Come to this session to learn why data literacy matters, what it is, and how individuals and organizations can improve their data literacy.

Jordan Morrow

VP of Data Skills, Pluralsight

Data Analytics RECORDING – 30MIN

How Typeform leverages data to drive growth and innovation

Every organisation wants to be data led, but what does that mean in practice? Julian has worked across many different industries, all looking to improve their services, products and Customer experience through data insights. But, at Typeform, a digital scale-up business, data analytics is at a whole different level.

Join this session where Julian will reveal how Typeform uses data and analytics to support decision-making and contribute to the future innovations of Typeform’s strategy and products.

Julian Pimm-Smith

VP of Data and Analytics, Typeform

Data Culture RECORDING – 30MIN

Restoring trust in data through governance

Organizations with a strong data culture embrace a sense of trust – trust in individuals and trust in data. An analytics governance framework enables trust by defining the controls, roles, and repeatable processes that enable, rather than restrict, access to trusted content for users in your organization. Join this session to gain practical governance tips. You will also learn how governance fits within Tableau Blueprint, a proven methodology for broadening, deepening, and scaling the use of data and building Data Culture.

Francis Dejonckheere

Sr. Principal Success Manager, Tableau / Salesforce Inc

Analytics Storytelling RECORDING – 30MIN

Drowning in Information – Starving for knowledge The importance of Investing in Analytics Storytelling

Data storytelling and strategy is becoming increasingly necessary in today’s business world.

Investing in a data strategy can help organizations to increase ROI and ROE multiples, drive revenue, increase customer (and employee) satisfaction, and maintain a competitive position within their industry. Most organizations understand the importance of and need for a data strategy, but struggle with widespread adoption, flawless execution, and fully understanding the complexities and scenarios for the most effective application. During this session, we’ll explore 4 pitfalls that often derail data strategy and storytelling (Preconceived Notions, Lack of Transparency, Miscommunication, and Complexity) and some methods to overcome these to build a more effective data program.

Rachel Stuve

Managing Director, Golden Seeds

Simplifying Data, Analytics & AI with a Lakehouse Platform

Simple. Open. Multicloud. The Databricks Lakehouse Platform combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses to deliver the reliability, strong governance and performance of data warehouses with the openness, flexibility and machine learning support of data lakes.

This unified approach simplifies your modern data stack by eliminating the data silos that traditionally separate and complicate data engineering, analytics, BI, data science and machine learning. It’s built on open source and open standards to maximize flexibility. And, its common approach to data management, security and governance helps you operate more efficiently and innovate faster.

Amine Slimane

Senior Partner Solutions Architect Manager APJ, Databricks

Analytics Strategy RECORDING – 50MIN

Your 2022 Analytics Playbook

To transform your organization to be information based, you need the right playbook. Ryan Goodman will share quick wins and structure that will help you modernize your approach to your analytics competency center. Ryan will share his analytics playbook to advance your organization’s data governance, storytelling, and user adoption.

Ryan Goodman

VP BI and Analytics, Reliant Funding