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Top Analytics Sessions
to Attend at SAP TechEd

It’s time for SAP TechEd, the premier SAP tech conference for technologists, engineers, and developers. Over the coming months, SAP will host TechEd events in Las Vegas, Barcelona, and Bangalore. First up, and most convenient for our U.S. customers, is SAP TechEd Las Vegas, which runs from October 2-5 at the Venetian|Palazzo Congress Center (VPCC).

With hundreds of speakers and sessions, SAP TechEd can be an overwhelming experience. Judicious planning will help you take full advantage of the hands-on training, demos, lectures, networking, and Q&A sessions that make SAP TechEd such an incredible opportunity. Here are seven sessions that SAP BusinessObjects and 360Suite customers won’t want to miss.

1. Analytics Overview 101

Tuesday 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Wednesday 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Session Track:
Applied Intelligence

Join this session to get an overview of SAP’s latest analytics strategy, vision, and innovations. The lecture features an overview of all analytics subthemes and the current product portfolio and provides a meaningful base to help you choose lectures and hands-on sessions that best fit your needs.

ty-millerWith Ty Miller
VP, SAP Cloud for Analytics Product Management

Company: SAP

In previous roles Ty has been responsible for the Solution Management of In-Memory analytics solutions including HANA, the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, accelerated version and Lumira. Ty has been a Consulting Architect, OEM Pre-Sales Principal Architect and Solution Management Director advising on and implementing SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions for both customers and partners.

2. Better, Faster, and Smarter: Hybrid Analytics for Cloud and On-Premise

Tuesday 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Friday 09:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Session Track:
Applied Intelligence

A seamless experience where business users do not have to think about where data or content reside. On-premise and cloud clients and assets work together. Resources like tools, data connectivity, visualizations, security, distribution, budget, organization, program management, training, licensing, and internal evangelization are shared between on-premise and cloud systems. It does not require understanding of whether resources are on-premise or cloud.

adrian-westmorelandWith Adrian Westmoreland
Product Manager

Company: SAP

Westmoreland has been with SAP for 20 years with a focus on analytics throughout his entire career, especially in the area of SAP BusinessObjects BI. He has held different roles within SAP over the years including presales and product management. Currently, Westmoreland is part of the SAP Analytics Cloud product management team.

3. How to Leverage Your Investment in SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise

Wednesday 08:00 AM – 09:00 AM Thursday 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Session Track:
Applied Intelligence

Find out how the SAP Analytics Cloud solution, our new cloud analytics offering, can help you leverage your existing investments in SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise solutions. In SAP Analytics Cloud, we have introduced and extended the live universe connector, an online hybrid technology. It allows you to connect to your universes stored in SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise to create stories in SAP Analytics Cloud. If you want to hear more about the features involved, do not miss this session.

blair-wheadonWith Blair Wheadon
General Manager of Data Discovery

Company: SAP

Blair Wheadon is responsible for the the consistent communication of roadmap and strategy for both SAP Analytics Cloud and on-premise solutions. He is also responsible for Analytics pricing and licensing.

4. Find Out How the American Red Cross Deploys Successful Self-Service BI

Wednesday 09:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Hear how the American Red Cross overcame architectural data challenges specifically associated with deploying self-service BI – a common roadblock for many organizations – to a portion of its 6,000 users nationwide. Understand why dimensional modeling is essential for an effective self-service program, learn how the approach works in synergy with the information design tool used to simplify universes, and gain step-by-step instructions based on the company’s methodology.

ken-colemanWith Ken Coleman
BI Manager

Company: American Red Cross

In his current role at the American Red Cross, Ken Coleman supports marketing analysts and data scientists by architecting data from their campaign automation tools and providing self-service BI, professionally authored dashboards and other reporting solutions for the purpose of analyzing campaign performance.

5. What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, Release 4.2 SP6

Wednesday 02:15 PM – 03:15 PM Friday 09:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Session Track:
Applied Intelligence

Learn about the exciting new features in the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) suite, release 4.2 SP6. Available on premise or in the cloud, our BI suite helps users eliminate guesswork, monitor key metrics, and gain valuable insights. See how flexible and scalable, self-service BI makes it easy for users to discover and share insights in real time. Watch a demo of key functionalities and understand key best practices of these functionalities and the suite’s future direction.

blair-wheadonWith Blair Wheadon
General Manager of Data Discovery
Company: SAP

Blair Wheadon is responsible for the the consistent communication of roadmap and strategy for both SAP Analytics Cloud and on-premise solutions. He is also responsible for Analytics pricing and licensing.

6. SAP Lumira: Road Map

Wednesday 04:45 PM – 05:15 PM

SAP Lumira software covers analytics scenarios from ad hoc self-service discovery to sophisticated analytical application design, including business planning. With SAP Lumira 2.2, we plan to deliver exciting features. Get an overview of SAP Lumira version 2.2, including new key capabilities and what’s planned for future releases.

david-stockerWith David Stocker
Technical Product Manager for Analysis Office and Design Studio
Company: SAP

David Stocker has a development background and was an Analysis Office developer for several years before moving into his product management role.

7. Interactive Influence:
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Thursday 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Obtain a review of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence software and an update of the road map. This is an open ASUG Influence Council meeting where SAP and customers discuss features, current concerns, and ideas for future enhancements. If you are looking for the opportunity to have SAP hear your voice, this is the session to attend.

gregory-botticchioWith Gregory Botticchio
Web Intelligence Product Manager
Company: SAP

Gregory Botticchio is responsible for the business success of the Web Intelligence solution, as well as the definition of the multiyear roadmap together with the product owner.


SAP TechEd is a highlight of the 360Suite annual calendar, and 2018 is no exception. This year, five SAP BusinessObjects experts from 360Suite offices worldwide will converge in Las Vegas. Nathan Crook, Yasmina Couty, Lisa Neale, Patrick Perrier, and Satish Rajagopal have 64 combined years of Business Objects experience. Come talk shop with them at booth #525 and learn how 360Suite solutions can help you maximize the value of your SAP BusinessObjects investment.


On Wednesday, October 3 from 6-8:30 pm, we are hosting a party at the Paris Baguette French bakery adjacent to St. Mark’s Square. Please join us for champagne, macarons, live music, and the opportunity to engage with SAP analytic leaders and Business Objects experts. Wristbands are required for entry and can be collected at booth #525 during TechEd. We hope to see you there!


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